Office of Finance

Office of Finance
  • Nancy Ezell, B.S., Controller
  • Sharron Padgett, B.A., Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Finance 
  • Angie Price, B.S., Director of Human Resources
Business Office
  • Patricia A. Kinney, Business Office Manager
  • Elise Combs, Business Office Assistant
Financial Aid
  • Elizabeth Dahl, B.A., Student Financial Specialist
  • David Haggard, M.S., Director of Financial Aid
  • Beth Hixson, Student Financial Specialist
  • Victoria Patterson, B.S., Student Financial Specialist
  • Judy A. Shetter, Student Financial Specialist 
  • Allyson Underwood, B.A., Student Financial Specialist
Information Technology
  • James H. Sullivan, MCSA, CompTIA A+, Director of Information Technology Services
  • Robert Barger, Database Administrator 
  • Andrew Biddle, Assistant Network Administrator
  • Mike Hall, Sr. Applications Developer