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Bryan College Leadership Institute

The Bryan College Leadership Institute is for students who want more than the traditional college experience. BCLI provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth by connecting you with apprenticeship groups, offering exclusive courses and workshops, and establishing life-long spiritual disciplines.


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Why Apply for the Leadership Institute?

In a culture of anxiety and distraction, we believe it is more important than ever to become leaders of character and thoughtfulness. We do this by integrating biblical spiritual practices, dynamic interactive coursework, and serving in leadership roles. Each student accepted into BCLI will receive:

  • Exclusive BCLI Courses 
  • Annual Apprenticeship Groups
  • Spiritual Discipline Workshops 
  • Free Retreats & Conferences
  • Vocation-Specific Internships
  • Cultural Engagement Experiences
Why Apply for the Leadership Institute? Feature
  • 3.25 GPA & 23 ACT (CLT or SAT Equivalent)
  • Between 18-22 years of age
  • Apply & Interview
  • Students in the Honors Institute are not eligible for BCLI
    Each cohort is limited to 25 students to create an interactive dynamic and preserve the integrity of the program.

Our curriculum distinctives are centered around practicing the way of Jesus together at Bryan. We hope students who participate in this process will be shaped into men and women of influence, character, and wisdom. 

  • Articulate God’s calling and identity for your life
  • Develop a leadership model of Emotional Health, 
  • Cultivate friendships through cohort community
  • Create a life-long personal discipleship plan
Program Outline

Program Outline

  • Freshman Year 
    • Fall Semester: 
      • CT 103: Christian Leadership & Culture
      • Retreat: Knowing God + Yourself
      • Q Union Conference
    • Spring Semester
      • CT 203: Jesus & The Kingdom
      • Art & Culture Exhibit
      • Annual Capstone Banquet
  • Sophomore Year 
    • Fall Semester: 
      • CT 390: Christian Leadership
      • Catalyst Conference
      • Campus Leadership Role
    • Spring Semester:
      • CT: 290: Renewal & Revival
      • Campus Leadership Role
      • Cultural Engagement Experience
  • Junior Year
    • Fall Semester: 
      • 200/300 BCLI Elective
      • Silence & Solitude Retreat
      • Campus Leadership Role
    • Spring Semester
      • 200/300 BCLI Elective
      • Campus Leadership Role
      • Vocation Focused Internship*
  • Senior Year
    • Fall Semester:
      • 200/300 BCLI Elective
      • Vocation Focused Internship*
    • Spring Semester:
      • 200/300 BCLI Elective
      • Leadership & Culture Experience (Spring Break)
      • Commission & Capstone Banquet


BCLI 4 Year Plan


Contact Jack Saunders. Jack coaches the team as Director of the Bryan College Leadership Institute.

(423) 285-1678

721 Bryan Drive
Dayton, TN 37321

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