Summer Institute: Nursing

College Credit(s): 1

In the Nursing Track at the Bryan College Summer Institute, you will:

  • Learn & practice some basic nursing skills like giving shots and changing dressings
  • Observe a simulated birth
  • Obtain Basic CPR certification
  • Interact with local nurses
  • Learn about God's heart for the care of other persons through the profession of nursing

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Bryan College Clara Ward School of Nursing Feature
Pamela Giles, Dean & Professor, Clara Ward School of Nursing

Dr. Giles grew up in a Wesleyan pastor’s home, and her mother was an English teacher. From her earliest memories, Dr. Giles knew she wanted to be a nurse and a teacher, but mostly a nurse. After she graduated with her BSN degree she worked in a Surgical ICU in Chicago, and then the Lord called her to serve as a missionary in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  That experience took her relationship with the Lord Jesus to a whole new level as she learned to trust Him in all things.

After she returned to America, Dr. Giles worked in the ER in an Indianapolis hospital, then the Lord then led her into higher education, and she’s been there ever since.  Dr. Giles finished has started nursing programs in Oklahoma, Indiana, Virginia, and now in  Tennessee, and she loves what she does.

Dr. Pamela Giles Feature