Art with a Mission.

November 10, 2020

Art with a Mission: Simple Rivers Collect.

Students, Schuyler Wetzig and Brynn Davidson, have recently launched their own small arts and calligraphy business. Together they combined their creative talents to produce beautiful artwork to raise money for their summer of missions. With Schuyler's talent for creative writing Brynn's love for design and painting, the two began Simple Rivers Collect where they are currently selling items such as canvases and sweatshirts.

It all started because the two are participating in a summer internship of missions through Operation Mobilization here at Bryan summer of 2021, and they are using their gifts to glorify God and raise the funds to go where God calls each of them. This endeavor has been a dream of theirs since they met their freshman year here at Bryan, but they have only just now made it happen, and they are so excited to see how God is glorified through it.

According to Schuyler,

"The story behind Simple Rivers is simple. Rivers remind us of the unending love that Christ has for us. Our little corner of Southeastern Tennessee is covered in them, and several of our favorite spots to meet with the Lord are beside rivers. “Simple” refers to the simple, childlike faith we long to have. It refers to the simplicity of who we are in light of the magnitude of who God is."

We are proud to support our students in their dream to glorify God through their combined talents while living on mission for Him!