Bryan Bucket List

July 29, 2019

We all know there’s more to college than classes. And while graduating is hopefully on your bucket list, you don’t just want to graduate without checking off some pretty awesome experiences while you’re here. We asked current students and alumni what they consider essential to the Bryan College Experience, and here are some of the things they suggested:

On Campus:

Get involved with extra curriculars like SGA, Res Life, PCI, Choral, etc.

This was the most common response. Joining a group gets you involved with a specific community full of people with a common interest and goal. If you’re worried about still having enough time for homework, hanging out with your other friends, or worried if you’ll be a good fit, rest assured that a lot of us have had the same concerns. One person said, “I was terrified to join SGA, but it was one of my favorite things I did.”

Have a movie night during open dorm

How many people can you squeeze into a dorm room? Hint – it’s a lot.

Audition for a Hilltop Players production

 Some students are in nearly every show, some are only in one or two. Regardless of your theater experience, you’re welcome to try out. And if you’re interested in being involved with theater, but don’t feel comfortable on stage, there are plenty of backstage opportunities.

Participate in the events that are held on campus, even if you’re a commuter

We know. It’s annoying to drive back and forth to campus as a commuter, especially on a Saturday. But campus events are a great way to get involved with the community. But take it from the commuters themselves – it’s more than worth it.

Cheer on the Lions at a game

Show your Lion Pride and support your peers at a game. Even if you’re not a huge fan of sports, you can still enjoying eating some popcorn, or watching a soccer game as the sun sets. And if you do like sports, all the better.

Get to know the staff and faculty (and even have a Ping-Pong match or two.)

One of the best things about Bryan is the relationships you make with your professors. You might have lunch with them in the cafeteria, or have a Ping-Pong showdown. Don’t just walk out of class as soon as it’s over – ask your professor questions, say hello to them in the hallway, and be open to the relationships they want to have with you.

Play Mafia, Body, Body, or Sardines

Games are a great way to meet new people, have fun, and forget about the stress of school.

Take a picture with one of the lions on campus (Leo, lion statues, etc.)

Even our professors participate in this one. There are tons of lions on campus – in the museum, on the steps of Mercer, and of course, Leo.

Take Care of Yourself

DO go to events and join clubs and show up for classes, but also make sure to eat and sleep and be hydrated and all those other things that go into being a properly functioning human being. And sometimes that might mean skipping chapel or not watching that extra episode on Netflix. But sometimes it might look like going to chapel or finding someplace quiet…or even putting away the studying to watch another episode of The Office. It’s all about balance.

Off Campus:

Visit Pocket (and jump off the waterfalls)

There are few things more refreshing than going to a walk at Pocket. Or jumping off a waterfall. If you need to cool down on a warm spring day, or just want a great view, Pocket’s only ten minutes from campus.

Take a sunrise hike to Buzzard Point (Or one of the many cool spots near Dayton)

One of the perks about being in the middle of nowhere is that there are a lot of great views. And while getting up before sunrise to go hike a few miles can be intimidating, it’s definitely worth it.

Go on a Break for Change trip

Ask a student who has been on a Break For Change trip — these trips often bless you as much as you bless others.

Study at Harmony House with friends

Great people and great coffee make studying a little easier. (And if not, at least you’ll be more caffeinated.)

Do an internship/student teaching/etc. abroad

International internships are an incredible opportunity to see more of the world and gain work experience in an unique context.

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