Q Union Recap

October 28, 2019
We heard some really awesome messages last week at Q union, but change only happens if we continue the conversations that we started. Here are the messages at the heart of our student speakers’ talks. Share and discuss them with your friends this week. Let’s create better, healthier, christ-centered culture here and take it out into the world.



“We are really good at loving the people we like and those who like us, but rarely do we ever step out of our comfort zones to love someone. What could Bryan, Dayton, and the world look like if we made our first priority to love uncomfortably?”
– Faith Simmons



“Since we are in the image of the triune God, we are to reflect the love and community that God is made of. The Gospel is like that ‘That’s my boy.’ we crave, that gives us fulfillment, that lets us know we are accepted. If we’re in Christ, Yahweh says “You’re my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”
– Carlos Portillo



“The conversation of an emotional God is not some abstract idea, I believe it can completely change our desire from wanting casual friendship to sincere relationship and community. How authentic are you willing to be?”
– Titus Prude

Written by Jonah Tyree, ’21