Bruce Morgan awarded the Jane Higa Multicultural Advancement Award

Bruce Morgan

We are thrilled to announce that Bruce Morgan, a beloved member of the Bryan College community, has been awarded the prestigious Jane Higa Multicultural Advancement Award.

Established in 2011, this accolade recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to promoting multiculturalism in the Association for Christians in Student Development and their home institutions.

Bruce Morgan, a pillar of Bryan College and the Dayton community, has dedicated his life to serving others. With an impressive career at Bryan spanning over two decades, Bruce’s impact as the Dean of Students for 21 years has been immeasurable. In 2021, he transitioned to a new role as the creator and leader of “Mosaic,” a groundbreaking initiative at Bryan College.

The mission statement of Mosaic encapsulates Bruce’s vision: “Educating the Bryan Community in cultural competence related to the myriad of people, tribes, and nations that compose the kingdom of God.” Through Mosaic, Bruce has spearheaded efforts to provide education on cultural competence and create spaces for all members of the Bryan community. This initiative has had a profound effect, particularly on minority and international students, who have found a greater sense of belonging and engagement within the college.

Thanks to Bruce’s unwavering commitment to fostering a multicultural environment, Bryan College has witnessed an increase in retention rates among minority and international students. This achievement underscores the positive impact of Mosaic, as it paves the way for students from diverse backgrounds to excel at Bryan College.

Bruce has championed a biblical view of diversity for over two decades on The Hill! As the majority demographic changes in America, Bruce is passionate about impacting the next generation of students by equipping them with a biblical worldview! In a culture that wants to hijack God’s design for diversity, Bruce has remained faithful to the authoritative teachings of Jesus presented to us through the Scriptures. We are proud of Bruce and this recent recognition for his hard work.

Moreover, Bruce’s dedication to cultivating leaders among minority students has resulted in increased participation in student leadership opportunities. By empowering these students to become active contributors to the college community, Bruce has helped them develop essential skills and find their voice in shaping Bryan College’s future.

Bruce Morgan’s remarkable accomplishments and the impact of Mosaic are a testament to his tireless efforts in advancing the mission of Bryan College of Educating Students to Become Servants of Christ that Make a Difference in Today’s World. He embodies the values that the Jane Higa Multicultural Advancement Award represents, and we are thrilled to see his exceptional work recognized and celebrated.

Please join us in congratulating Bruce Morgan on receiving the Jane Higa Multicultural Advancement Award!

By Nick Pacurari, Vice President of Student Life