Simulation Technologist

Nursing (Clara Ward School of Nursing)

721 Bryan Drive
Dayton, TN 37321
Mercer 213, Box #7807

Direct Office Phone: 423-775-7221

Status: Part-time, hourly

location: Dayton, TN

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Position Summary

A half-time position to provide day-to-day management and technical services for the CWSON simulation lab, including operation, maintenance, training, reliability, scheduling and performance of medical simulators, computers and audiovisual equipment.  Develop and facilitate equipment training for internal and external clients.  Oversee equipment servicing and maintenance, and related agreements.  Advise regarding design, application, operation, maintenance, training, reliability and performance of simulation equipment.  Assist as needed with IT needs.  Must be able to think critically and problem-solve. As the BSN program grows the position will progress into a full-time, 10-12-month role.

Reports to: Dean, Clara Ward School of Nursing

Education Required

  • Prefer four-year education in computer information/technology or physical science/medical field OR an equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience.
  • Familiarity with medical terminology and/or medical background or medical simulation experience preferred.
  • Criminal background check required.


  • Assist with management of the simulation equipment, to include upkeep and maintenance
  • Assist the Dean with faculty education and training re: use of the simulation equipment
  • Safeguard electronic data and programming, including protection from data loss related to equipment failures, as well as unauthorized use of the CWCON documents or protected student/participant information
  • Research/recommend equipment upgrades and acquisitions that would enhance the use of existing equipment
  • Record simulation exercises and make the AV files available to faculty for educational use
  • Maintain records of warranty information, purchase and expiration dates, serial numbers, etc.
  • Participate in simulation continuing education through professional organizations, vendors and other resources to develop simulation proficiency and maintain awareness of simulation trends.
  • Manage day-to-day operation of computer/technology applications and software and audiovisual equipment.
  • Provide technical support for nursing education and training.
  • Develop and deliver simulation equipment training and on-site support for simulation activities.
  • Participate in relevant student recruitment activities, some of which may occur off-campus.

Desired Qualities

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Education in computer information/technology preferred
  • An attitude of service and helpfulness required
  • Must work well as a member of a team
  • Ability to be motivated and self-directed
  • Willingness to work outside normal office hours on occasion
  • Experience and proficiency with a variety of computer hardware and software applications, database development and maintenance; security and protection of software programs, computer files and confidential records
  • Ability to configure, operate and maintain networked computer and audiovisual equipment.
  • Experience with troubleshooting technical equipment issues including the ability to communicate and collaborate with Bryan College IT and vendor contacts to quickly resolve technical issues
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate technical equipment functionality and performance
  • Proficiency in developing and delivering technical equipment operations training and coaching for audiences with varied levels of technical expertise
  • Willingness to work with human patient simulators with full physiologic functioning – including all body systems, birth and death – is required on a regular basis
  • Proven customer service, communication and teamwork-oriented skills
  • Experience in a fluid and demanding work environment effectively managing time and resources to accomplish varied and multi-leveled assignments
  • Proven ability to exercise time management skills and independent judgement, identifying and readjusting work priorities as needed
  • Demonstrated ability to follow oral and written instructions to provide desired outcomes
  • Professional verbal and written communications skills that facilitate collaboration among diverse groups such as internal staff, clients, students and training participants
  • Technology work experience managing, operating and supporting computer hardware and software applications in a networked computing environment

Other Information

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be committed to serving Him and His church.
  • Endorse without reservation our mission and standards of conduct.