High Winds Cause Damage to the Bryan Campus but No Major Injuries


On Monday, August 7th, the Bryan College campus was impacted by the strong storms that stretched across the region. The campus sustained damage due to high winds and fallen trees. One student was hurt with minor cuts when a tree fell onto Long Dormitory. The student was provided first aid care on campus through our sports medicine team and is doing well. Other damages include broken windows, roof, and gutter damage, destruction to soccer goals and athletic equipment, vehicle damage, and a destroyed patio tent at Latimer Student Center. The Bryan College operations team is working hard to clean up damage and debris caused by the storm.

We are thankful for God’s protection of the students, faculty, and staff on Bryan Hill. We currently have athletes living on campus and other students will return August 21st. Classes will begin as scheduled on August 23rd. Please be in prayer for the campus as we prepare for our fall semester to begin.

We are still assessing the damages from the storm, but costs are currently estimated at $50,000. Donations for the emergency fund are being collected at bryan.edu/give