Hostetlers Graduate Together, All Earning MBAs!

The Hostetlers

On Saturday, May 1, Tim Hostetler and his two sons, Timothy and Jonathan, all walked at graduation after earning their diplomas. Each of the three men earned their Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the same time. This makes way for a special opportunity to celebrate! We are always excited to see an attendance of multiple generations from one Bryan College family.

Having a legacy family graduate together and walk across the stage one after another was extra special.

Tim Hostetler has been a faithful staff member and leader at Bryan College for many years. Tim is a great father and a loyal friend; we are excited he had the opportunity to walk with his sons in celebration of hard work and accomplishments. Both Timothy and Jonathan were great leaders on campus as students, and we are proud to recognize them for their legacy as well. The Hostetler family has led with great diligence and discernment, and their service to Bryan is much appreciated. As Timothy and Jonathan move on from Bryan into the workplace, we congratulate them and wish them all the best. We are proud to send them out carrying the name of Bryan College, representing Christ above all. The Hostetler family represents Bryan College with great honor, and we could not be more excited for them.

Congratulations, Hostetler Family!

We are excited for you all and what you have experienced at and through Bryan College, though we are even more excited you all get to celebrate such a milestone together!