We're taking tuition in a new direction!

Now the region’s lowest tuition and fees of any private college.

Let’s face it—We know that tuition rates for the vast majority of colleges continue to rise year in and year out. You may have even thought that a private school education is simply out of reach. Think again. We just cut our tuition by 40 percent, making us now the lowest-priced tuition of any private college in our region. With a tuition reduction, we’re making college tuition truly more affordable for all students—students like you!

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We're taking tuition in a new direction! Feature
Your Future Matters
A future with a college degree offers more career options, better pay, and a greater chance for real work-life balance. Lower tuition equals fewer loans, and that means you don’t have to worry about your future.
Your Future Matters Feature
Frequently Asked

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What is the new tuition?

2020–2021 Tuition: $16,900

How will the new tuition compare to other colleges and universities in Tennessee, especially private?

With our new plan, we will be the lowest-priced institution of all private colleges in our region. We will also be competitively priced among public institutions in our state including being more affordable than the University of Tennessee.

Why is Bryan College lowering tuition?

We are instituting a simplified and transparent pricing model that will allow more families to see the true cost of a private Christian education and consider Bryan College.

Who will be affected by the change in the cost of tuition?

All undergraduate students enrolled in our on-campus degree programs.

When will the change take place?

The change will be in place for every on-campus undergraduate student at the beginning of the 2020 Fall Semester.

How does the change in tuition impact current students?

We used existing financial aid information and completed a comparative analysis of the current tuition model versus the planned tuition model. This analysis shows that the average student will save approximately $1,400 per year in net costs. 


Will the tuition for online and graduate programs be affected?

Our online degrees are already affordable and accessible to a wide range of students.


How does the tuition change impact room and board?

The tuition plan does not impact room and board. For the fall of 2020, our room and board plan will cost $7,800 per year, the same as it is this year.

How will scholarships be affected?

Bryan College will continue to award scholarships based upon performance in academics, athletics, performing arts, and martial arts. The amounts for these scholarships will be adjusted to reflect the overall lower tuition price. On average, total out-of-pocket expenses will decrease under the new tuition model. For more information, click here.


Will tuition be raised in subsequent years?

Our new tuition plan is built on enrollment growth, not tuition increases. We anticipate continuing to manage positive growth in the graduate and online programs and also expect enrollment growth on the Dayton campus. These factors will enable Bryan College to enact the tuition reduction plan and manage the pricing level for years to come. 


How is Bryan College able to reduce tuition?

We used existing financial aid information and completed a comparative analysis of the current tuition model versus the planned tuition model. Our new tuition plan creates a simplified financial aid process where students and families can clearly see the bottom line — scholarships, grant aid, and debt included — and make a sound financial investment regarding their college education. We are confident this new direction in tuition pricing will benefit the students that view Bryan College as an option for their education.


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