Break for Change

March 24, 2014

Spring break for many college students means rest and relaxation.  However, for a growing number of students spring break is taking on new connotations.  This year Bryan College once again sent over 50 students on Break for Change trips both domestically and internationally.

Atlanta, Ga.: Students worked with Street Grace, an organization working with the church community, local government, and non-profits to stop children from being trafficked and sexually exploited in the Atlanta metro area.  Reflecting on his team’s experience in Atlanta, senior Mark Mercier said, “Break for Change was phenomenal.  God used a handful of people I didn’t even know to bless myself and others in ways I couldn’t have imagined.”

Opelousas, La.: Students worked with non-profit outreach program Hope for Opelousas, helping the organization empower a movement of hope focused on community development through educational support, neighborhood outreach, and intentional relationships and grounded in the truth that love changes everything.

Detroit, Mich.: Students worked as cross-cultural ambassadors for Christ through teaching English and assisting in the creation of community gardens.
San Diego, Calif.: Students served with City of Refuge, an organization devoted to meeting the most basic needs of San Diego’s homeless population.  This remains one of the school’s longest lasting Break for Change partnerships.