McGuire to pursue film studies at AFI

June 3, 2014

clarkmcguiresmA Bryan film student nearing graduation plans to pursue graduate studies at the American Film Institute (AFI), one of the top graduate film programs in the United States.

Bryce McGuire, left, and Mr. Chris Clark Bryce McGuire has been accepted into the two-year AFI program in Hollywood, Calif., to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in script writing.

Chris Clark, head of Bryan’s film program, said Bryce was one of 28 students accepted to the program for this fall from “hundreds of applicants. The first year, he will work on short films and in the second year he will go on to longer projects.”

Mr. Clark said AFI has been ranked as the fourth top film school in the country by U.S. News & World Report, “and it would have to be one of the top 10 programs in the world.” Alumni include award-winning filmmakers in all aspects of film production, including Paul Schrader, screen writer for “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull.”

Bryce said he applied to AFI because he “knew they had a really great film conservatory.” After he was accepted, he researched further and found that the faculty includes major players in the film industry, “guys that are making the movies I love.”

He said he understands success in the film industry is not automatic on completion of the program, “but you are guaranteed that agents, producers and executives from the biggest studios in the world will read your stuff. That’s more than 90 percent of people struggling to be writers can say.”

Mr. Clark said he expects Bryce to do well in the AFI program. “He is a renaissance man,” he said. “He plays in a band, he minored in creative writing, he’s familiar with fine arts. He knows the elements that go into creating a good narrative. He’s very passionate about storytelling. I felt like he would be a good fit for AFI. I think this is a real affirmation of what we are doing at Bryan. It’s exciting for our program to know one of our students has been accepted there.”