Reconciliation theme for chapel series

June 3, 2014

HinsonThe Bryan family will be challenged to consider reconciliation on a personal level as chapel programs April 11-15 address the topic on a broader scale.

rounerDr. Arthur Rouner
Ben Norquist, director of spiritual formation, said Dr. Arthur and Molly Rouner, founders of the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation, will be on campus Monday and Wednesday, with Dr. Rouner speaking on biblical texts dealing with reconciliation. On Friday, Laura Waters-Hinson, director of the award-winning documentary “As We Forgive,” will discuss her experience in Rwanda making the film.

Laura Waters-Hinson
Mr. Norquist said the Rouners, after serving in pastoral ministries in the United States, began the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation to minister in African tribal contexts with a history of conflict. “They invite members from various tribes for a weekend and work through issues which have divided them. On Saturday night, the tribes’ representatives have written out their grievances on a piece of paper and take them to the foot of a cross,” he said. “The gospel has the power to bring unity where there has been none.”
“We have asked Dr. Rouner to preach on reconciliation and to include stories about how reconciliation works out in life and in Africa,” he said.

Ms. Waters-Hinson’s film, about reconciliation between individuals who carried out genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and survivors, will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 14, in the Latimer game room. She will introduce the film, tAWFhen answer questions, before leading a discussion in chapel Friday with a panel of faculty and staff who have been to Rwanda.
“All of this will be incomplete if students walk away without understanding that these stories are examples for us to examine in our own lives,” Mr. Norquist said. “We want them to ask questions like ‘Who do I need reconciliation with?’ “Who do I need to extend forgiveness to?’ ‘Who do I need to seek forgiveness from?’”