Spring semester in full swing, missions conference opens

January 21, 2015

"This Urgent Mission"January 21, 2015 – Today marks one week from the beginning of an already-successful spring 2015 semester at Bryan College. Students have returned, classes have begun, and the campus is rejuvenated by the unseasonably balmy weather that has been blessing east Tennessee over the past couple weeks.

Opening the semester was the spring spiritual life conference, titled “This Urgent Mission” and led by Dr. Mike Barnett, the dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University. Dr. Barnett spoke on God’s mission for missions – His “endvision” as seen in Revelation 7:9-10: that ultimately “a great multitude that no one could number, from all tribes and peoples and languages” will be singing praises to the Lord, unified in Him. Emphasizing that the Lord Himself is the Great Missionary, Dr. Barnett charged listeners to remember that the Church exists because of its mission and not vice versa.

Many other missions representatives present during the conference openly discussed missions work with interested students at their display tables and at the Wednesday/Thursday global stories lunches. These individuals included

Eric McEachron, Bryan’s outreach ministries director, said, “Especially at a liberal arts college, where the most students are preparing to go into the marketplace, it’s so important to be reminded that all believers have a role to play in God’s saving mission to the nations. All of us should be making disciples in the power of the Spirit wherever he calls us.”

Furthermore, Interim Vice President of Academics Dr. Kevin Clauson looks forward to a wonderful semester. “As we begin the spring semester of the 2014-15 academic year,” he said, “a number of our students are in the home stretch headed for May graduation. It will be a challenging semester for all students, because of our high academic standards. But for those looking at commencement in May, it will also be exciting (and perhaps a bit sad or frightening for some).”

He confidently concluded, “Bryan’s very competent and caring faculty, I am sure, will make the learning experience this spring semester both enjoyable and productive.”

Written by Chloe Ann Nardone ’13, assistant director of marketing, 423.775.7206;