Bryan awards 180 degrees at spring commencement

May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015 – One hundred eighty students received their well-earned degrees this year at Bryan College’s ninetieth commencement ceremonies on May 9.

Commencement SP15On Friday, May 8, ten members of the Class of 1965 returned to Bryan to celebrate their 50th graduation anniversary as “Golden Grads.”  They enjoyed a time of fellowship at a special luncheon and dinner that afternoon and night. Later that evening the Golden Grads stood out on the third-floor balcony of the Latimer Student Center and prayed over the Class of 2015, who were at their Vespers ceremony in Rudd Auditorium.

Among the awards presented at commencement were –

P.A. Boyd Prizes: Robin Harrison and Daniel Katz

Highest Scholastic Record: Kristin Jager and Crystal Passburg

Most Progress: Derek Dunaway

Faithfulness and Loyalty Award: Hannah Mileur

At Saturday morning’s commencement President Stephen D. Livesay said, “To the new graduates: I commend you for persevering in the pursuit of your degrees, for triumphing over many obstacles, to obtain the goal that has been set before you.” He encouraged them, continuing, “You have been chosen by our God for this hour to reason with your peers of this generation with the merit of a Christian worldview as the foundation for every aspect of life, society, culture. You have been chosen to live a life through word and deed that exalts the name of Jesus Christ and gives witness to Him.”

Graduating senior Daniel Katz concluded during his commencement address Saturday morning, “If we slow down enough, we’ll all be overwhelmed with what we’ve experienced; but the richness of our time at Bryan, its heaviness, are only small experiences of the weight of glory, just pointing us to the finer reality of eternity.”

Dr. Scott Jones, who spoke at the commencement for the School of Adult and Graduate Studies Saturday afternoon, said that the pursuit of education glorifies the Lord because of the call to love Him holistically with all of one’s being. “You are to be a light in a dark world that desperately needs the Light,” he challenged the new graduates. “You have received a Christ-centered education at Bryan College; you have been equipped with the training and preparation that you need. Leave this place determined to be a servant of Christ who makes a difference in your world.”

Written by Chloe Ann Nardone ’13, assistant director of marketing, 423.775.7206;