November 19, 2015

November 19, 2015 — One of the challenges new start-ups face is that of learning how to keep their  finances in order. Lynn Talbott, who earned her MBALynn Talbott from Bryan in 2013, received the 2015 TN SMALL Business Person of the Year Award, in recognition of her commitment to helping new businesses achieve financial success. She also won a 2015 Rising Star award from the TSBDC. Her company, HR Business Solutions, is an established Bookkeeping and Human Resources firm on Chattanooga’s North Shore.

Within the past three years, Lynn’s gone from working solo at home to overseeing 6 employees. Considering this speedy increase, one might ask whether she’s ready to slow down, but not a bit in 2016.  She’ll be expanding by at least two more employees and will be seeking a new location of her own after being part of the SBDC/INCubator since 2013.

Lynn’s generous spirit and compassionate heart make her a great communicator with clients, who are often unsure of their bookkeeping abilities or record-keeping when they first meet with HR Biz. They quickly discover a woman who is seeking the best for others and is willing to meet them where they are.

“I actually decided to start my own business while getting my MBA from Bryan. My professors were great with helping me with the strategic planning and encouraging me to start my own business.”

Teaching is a particular passion for Lynn. She selflessly volunteers her time every month to teach new entrepreneurs about avoiding pitfalls they may encounter when learning how to maintain their financial records. So far this year, over 60 businesses have attended her class.

Business is one of the top three majors for new students at Bryan College. As an alumnus, Lynn has this advice to offer: “Give up on the idea that you can do everything yourself as an entrepreneur. By focusing on what you do best and where your passion is, you will be more successful and less likely to stumble over yourself. 1 Corinthians 12 is a good reminder that God has given each of us different gifts to use for His kingdom. Be teachable in overcoming your weaknesses. Or, outsource your weaknesses as a way to encourage someone else in their areas of giftedness.”

Lynn is thankful that Bryan’s MBA program motivated her to become an entrepreneur, creating local jobs for both HR Business Solutions and other Chattanooga companies.

“Are you a Bryan graduate? We’d love to have you come by and see us in the SBDC/INCubator on Cherokee Boulevard and tell us your story!”

You can reach Lynn at: 423-668-6020 or

Written by Dory George of HR Business Solutions. Photo credit given to Chattanooga State Marketing Department.