Radio Club Harnesses the Power of Podcasts

April 5, 2019

In the spring of 2015, when Bryan’s radio club was still just a germ of an idea developing in the minds of communication students, the question was asked – “How do we run a radio club without actual radio?”

Radio Club member Ryan Padgett

Four years later, and WJBC The Roar, Bryan’s inaugural ‘radio’ station continues to produce quality content via podcasts. Utilizing platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and Spotify, the club has grown to include fifteen members, four regular shows, and a small but loyal fanbase of around 100 monthly listeners that continues to grow.

The Roar works to connect students to conversations on campus that may otherwise go unheard. One of their most popular shows, Artist Showcase, features the artistic works of students ranging from musical numbers to short stories. The most recent episode features Kristin Lawrence (‘22), winner of the 2018 Freshman Talent Show.

The Roar utilizes its unique platform to broadcast a multitude of voices. It’s a (W)rap combines the talents of Cooper Ferguson (‘18 and Graduate Assistant of Marketing Videography), Dr. Daniel Gleason (Professor of English), and Nathan Ecarma (‘20 and Editor-in-Chief of The Triangle). Each co-host provides widely varied perspectives and tastes while all holding a Christian perspective in common. The show’s discussions on musicality, lyricism, and themes attempt to engage music with both a Christian and secular understanding of quality.

Psych-Cast revolves around two psychology students discussing psychological theories and apply them to issues that matter to college students. It offers both educational and practical values to the Bryan community. Finally, Experience Appreciated is a a light and humorous show dedicated to testing and reviewing role playing game systems.

In addition to recording their own shows in-house, WJBC provides opportunities for Bryan students to record content in their studio for public and personal uses. The former Worldview Initiative (now the Worldview Fellows) released a discussion last year between Gage Goddard (‘19) and varsity baseball players Tucker Cain (‘18) and Anthony Tejeda (‘21) regarding campus and team unity.

President Cody Raymes and Spencer Baker

When asked what he hopes to see from the Radio Club in the future, President Cody Raymes (‘20, Saxophone Performance) said –

I expect to see WJBC producing more than just podcasts in the coming semesters. We hope to begin producing albums with various artists in our community and to transition into creating video content alongside our audio content. Ultimately, I would like to transition from being simple a “radio” club into being a “multimedia” club.

You can listen to WJBC The Roar at or via Apple Podcasts or Spotify. For more information or to suggest an idea for a show, email

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