Alumni Spotlight: Jason Bowers (09′)

September 10, 2019

Alumni Spotlight: Jason Bowers (09′)     

Major: Communications Major

Bryan College alumnus Jason Bowers plans to give Rhea County the inside scoop to growing his business. Bowers recently spoke at a Fireside Chat event where he talked about starting his first business from the basement up. Bowers and his friend Matt Skudlarek started small with a basement location and a panini press. In a few short years, they literally built their restaurant from the ground floor up. Bowers is now the co-owner of three Chattanooga-based restaurants, the Bitter Alibi, the Fix, and The Daily Ration.

Jason believes that Bryan played a huge part in his success. “ Intro to Communications with Mr. Palmer and Creative Writing with Mr. Harle were two classes that pulled me out of my comfort zone.” The communication skills he learned while giving and listening to speeches pushed him to think outside the box. Bowers mentions an experience where he played music at the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga for the Film Festival with a group of friends. His Bryan friends still support him through his success and challenges today.

Favorite Bryan College Memory:
Bowers had a unique experience at Bryan that shaped his willingness to innovate. During his freshman semester, he went out on a limb and bought a thousand glow sticks off of eBay. He tried to sell them to students. Tim Shetter was the Resident Director at the time and could have stopped him. He felt encouraged to be creative and to try new things.

Advice for Current Students:
“Freshmen, don’t stay up on the hill the whole time. Get to know Dayton. Go hiking and camping at Pocket Wilderness. Don’t be afraid of spending time in Chattanooga. Your classes are very important, but meeting new people and trying new things are equally as important to your journey.” The second piece goes to those who are about to graduate. He says to them,  “Graduates, don’t be afraid to make risky decisions. Now is the time to travel, eat new food, and have some fun! You’ve worked hard. You’ve made great friends. Go see new places! Saying “yes” to uncertainty is the only reason I am where I am today. Good luck!”