Undergraduate Research Conference Announces Winners

Bryan’s Undergraduate Research Conference recently announced the three winners of its eighth annual conference. First place went to Patty Faas (‘19, Biology) and her interdisciplinary presentation titled Essential Oils: an Herbal Apothecary? Investigating New Applications of the Creation. Faas discussed how a study abroad program in Italy sparked her interest in the use of essential oils to restore classic art pieces and control bacterial growth.

Second place went to Cody Raymes (‘20, Saxophone Performance) who also presented in the interdisciplinary session on Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird: Composing a Symphonic Poem.

Gage Goddard (‘19, Philosophy) took third place with The Postmodern Problem with Language and a Trinitarian Solution.

The mission of the Bryan College Undergraduate Research Conference is to provide an opportunity for students to showcase the research and scholarship they produce in their courses as well as in their academic projects outside of class. The conference allows students to present their scholarship to a wider audience in a forum that encourages critical thinking, research skills, and cross-disciplinary communication. The BCUR Conference encourages holistic education of the entire person: heart, soul, and mind, so students can truly and competently make a difference in today’s world.

Each session (History, Interdisciplinary, Psychology and Health, and Theology & Philosophy) is a valuable open arena in which students gain the experience of presenting to and discussing research-in-progress with their professors and peers in a friendly and supportive, yet academically rigorous, environment. It offers undergraduates from different disciplines the opportunity to meet, cultivate connections, and exchange ideas.

Additional participants and their topics are listed below.

Brian Kamer: Where the Three Rivers Meet: The Impact of Fort Southwest Point on East Tennessee History

Bryan Knowles: Confederate Convictions: George Gibbs Dibrell and the Civil War in Tennessee.

Joshua Robe: Unpreparedness for War in U.S. History

Morgan Schafer: Holiness and the Fear of God in the Works of C.S. Lewis

Marymai Berchtold: The Effects of Prehabilitation on ACL Tears in Females

Spencer Baker: The Measure of a Man: Intelligence Research and Intrinsic Value

Ben Reagan: Xenophilia and the Two Types of Religious Conservatism

Charles Wilcox: The Positive Effects of Social Support on Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

Nathan Ecarma: Untied Union: Paul’s Theology of Union with Christ

Evan Van Sickle: Do Your Words Matter? Fatal Flaws in Van Til’s Presuppositional Apologetics

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated, and special thanks to faculty judges who attended!