The Music Student’s Practice Journal: Tracking Your Artistry for Success

Music notes background

Dr. Olivia Ellis and colleague Davis Dorrough have developed a brand new tool for their music students entitled, “The Music Student's Practice Journal: Tracking Your Artistry for Success.”

The motivation for this book was inspired because of Bryan College students. Dr. Ellis started these practice journaling sheets with her students several years ago. They had places for students to log practice times, questions, listening assignments, and a place to reflect on what went well during practice that week. Eventually, she decided it made sense that it should be available as a published book so other students and teachers could use it too.

When reflecting on the process, Dr. Ellis was asked what was the most surprising part, and she said answered,

“The most surprising part of the process was all the final details! My colleague Davis Dorrough was an excellent partner on this project, and former Bryan College staff Curtis Jolley was our graphic designer. There were many publishing details in the final stages, but we had a great team!”
Dr. Ellis felt really confident that they had developed a product they were all proud to put in others’ hands.

Ellis hopes that the journal will help students track and improve their practice habits in a practical and straightforward format. She also stated,

“So much of a music student’s work happens inside the practice room. Improving our craft depends not only on the amount of time spent practicing but, more importantly, the quality of practice.”

This is a large piece of the heartbeat behind this new book. Dr. Ellis saw a need that she wanted to fill because similar journals typically were limited to only tracking practice times. In addition to the weekly practice sheets, this book includes a place for students to list many long-term goals and create a plan to achieve those goals. She hopes that this allows students to practice well and hone their skills in a simple yet strategic way.

Olivia Ellis