LibraryLogoThis Manual is a long-term work in progress. The Table of Contents below is a picture of everything that we intend to cover in the Manual and each line will eventually be a link to a policy. The links to policies which are not yet written will be inactive until the policy is written and in place.






Table of Contents

5.1. Building Access and Security pg.5
5.1.1. Opening & Closing pg.5
5.1.2. Hours of Access pg.5
5.1.3. Scheduling pg.7
5.1.4. Use by Outside Groups pg.8
5.1.5. ADA Compliance pg.8
5.1.6. Security Plan pg.8
8.1. Circulation pg.9
8.1.1. Patron Registration pg.9
8.1.2. Loan Transactions pg.9
8.1.3. Overdue/Lost/Damaged Items pg.10
8.1.4. Financial Transactions pg.11
8.1.5. Reserves pg.11
8.1.6. Circulation by Mail pg.12
8.2. Interlibrary Loan pg.13
8.2.1. Borrowing pg.13
8.2.2. Lending pg.14
8.2.3. Agreements pg.15