Campus Access
Do I need to wear a mask on campus?
Face coverings are encouraged, but not required.
How will physical distancing be practiced?
Indoor physical distancing is encouraged.
What is the college doing to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the campus dining facilities?

The seating capacity will be reduced by removing tables and chairs to meet state and local guidelines. There will be no self-serving stations. Utensils will be individually wrapped and condiments will be individually packaged.

Are fitness center facilities available?

Yes. Sanitizing supplies will be available for individual use as well as plans to maintain physical distance when possible.

What facilities will be open to the public?

Public buildings are limited to students and staff by card access only. Campus visitors must register at the Stophel Welcome Center and be escorted around campus or be given a visitor access card.

What will food service be like?

The cafeteria will continue to serve all meals. The cafeteria will close between each meal for a disinfecting routine.  Seating in the cafeteria will be reduced to maintain physical distancing. Lunches and suppers will have a carryout option available for those who do not wish to eat in the cafeteria.

Will there be athletic events on campus?

Yes, athletic events will be held on campus but attendance at indoor athletic competitions has been temporarily suspended due to Tennessee state guidelines.

What fall classes and events have been canceled?

Classes and events are currently scheduled as traditionally as possible while adhering to state and local recommendations. Please check the school calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Will there be student activities on campus?

There will be student activities on campus this fall semester. These activities will be conducted within the parameters of maintaining physical distancing and providing as safe an environment as possible for those participating.

Can I meet with my academic advisor?

Yes! You are able to meet with your academic advisor. All meetings are encouraged to be done virtually by appointment.

When will students receive their housing assignment?

New students will be able to find this information on their myBryan account by Orientation (July 29, 30, and 31).

Am I permitted to have visitors in my residence hall?

In an effort to further reduce the opportunity for the spread of COVID 19 the College has decided that at this time no visitors will be permitted in the residence hall or rooms. This temporary measure will be enforced until state and/or federal guidelines regarding COVID 19, are eased or terminated.

Will students be allowed in the dining hall?

Yes! The dining hall will be open to students. The seating capacity will be reduced to meet state and local guidelines.

Will students be tested for Covid-19 prior to returning to campus?

Students are not required to be tested prior to returning to campus. However, local and state medical professionals encourage students to be in close proximity of their homes for 14 days prior to coming to campus. Although not testing upon arrival, we do ask for those planning to come on campus to self-monitor and if showing signs or symptoms, to delay arrival until they are symptom free.

Will residence life be different?

There will be some changes in residence life. A covered, outdoor student interaction space is being provided in the center of campus. Common areas will be adjusted to adhere to current physical distancing guidelines.

Will there still be chapels?

Yes, there will still be a chapel program. However, due to the parameters of physical distancing, some chapels may be held outside while others may be streamed to assigned locations across campus.

I have a friend who is interested in attending Bryan College. Where can I direct them?

Contact Admissions at 1.800.277.9522 or

Fall break?

Fall break for 2021 is October 14 & 15.

Final exams for the fall semester will be from December 8-10.

Will classes be in the classroom or online?

Residential classes will be held in standard classrooms on the main campus. Class occupancy for these rooms has been reduced to maintain appropriate physical distancing. Faculty may adopt a hybrid model of instruction to further reduce time spent in close proximity to a classroom.

Will classes remain on a standard schedule?

Yes; classes will meet as scheduled in previous years. 50-minute classes on MWF and 75-minute classes on TR.

Who do I contact to receive additional information on scholarships that may be available to me?