Preparing Criminal Justice Grads to Answer the Calling

Criminal Justice

Preparing Criminal Justice Grads to Answer the Calling

by Tassi Dalton, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

In a world of darkness, there are those who can be a shining light. Criminal Justice personnel can reach people at their lowest when they feel there is no hope. To be that light though, you have to be prayed up and have an established foundation in Christ. Isaiah 6:8 is the foundation for which students in the Criminal Justice Department must ask themselves, Am I ready to go if called? “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me” (KJV). Just as Christ calls us into repentance and salvation, those in the Criminal Justice field will answer a daily calling, allowing others to see Christ in everything they do. If they have on the full armor of Christ, they can be difference-makers. We teach that even the most heinous offenders are still created in God’s image. This means that Christ loves the serial killer and pedophile, just as he loves you and me.

Our graduates will be prepared to treat everyone with respect and dignity while upholding the law. They will be able to give comfort, offer prayer to those who are hurting, and be a representative of Christ when they are faced with the worst they may ever witness. Not only do we want our graduates to be able to help others, but the goal is for them to be able to help themselves as well. Dealing with bad on a daily basis will take a toll on the body and soul if your faith base is not in place. Being Christ-like is not just when times are easy, but when times are hard.

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