PCI copyPractical Christian Involvement (PCI) invites our fellow Bryan College students to be people who love and serve their local community. We believe that real change starts with knowing our neighbors, so we learn from the best by working with local church and non-profit leaders, volunteer in ways that fit our gifts, build mutually beneficial relationships that meet real community needs, and grow in Christ-like servant leadership along the way. Below is a list of our active ministry initiatives; see how we’re doing on Facebook, browse upcoming opportunities, or contact the PCI Coordinator for more info.

Bryan College loves our volunteers! We coordinate their work with the help of VolunteerSpot.com — free, easy sign-ups and scheduling to save time and make it easy to organize the people and things that make a difference in our community. We are grateful for their partnership and invite you to take a tour today.

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mentoringOne of our community’s deepest needs is the emotional and social nourishment of our children and youth. Bryan Pals volunteer with the YMCA After-School program and Y-CAP (an intensive youth intervention program) on a weekly basis as active encouragers, positive role models, and friends to local kids.

Rhea of Sunshine

People affected by disability bring a needed perspective to our lives and also represent an under-served part our community. At Rhea of Sunshine, whether it’s preparing for the Special Olympics, going bowling, or just hanging out, students build mutually enriching relationships with unforgettable individuals affected by physical or mental disability.

Senior Adult Ministry (SAM)

senior adultsMany senior adults feel isolated, even Society may treat them as an inconvenience; God considers them his treasure. Through weekly visits to nursing homes and assisted living centers, Bryan students cultivate relationships with seniors to show them they are loved and valued by the Savior.


Striving To Reach Individuals with Disabilities Effectively (STRIDE) assists in a therapeutic horseback riding program for children affected by disability. Students facilitate children’s riding lessons that have been proven to reduce riders’ anxiety, encourage social interaction, and offer a haven where riders feel a sense of empowerment.

Students for Life

sanctity of lifeBryan students serving through the Rhea County Women’s Care Center are able to meet the needs of mothers in crisis pregnancy situations and their children. Students For Life challenges and enables Bryan College to love hurting women and their unborn babies through practical service.


tutoringMany local K-12 students struggle with their schoolwork and lack confidence that they can succeed. Bryan volunteer tutors provide consistent homework help and encouragement that cultivate confidence in academics and dignity throughout kids’ lives.

Get Involved!

Browse and sign up for upcoming opportunities, email the PCI Coordinator, or connect with the Director of Outreach Ministriesin the Office of Student Life.