TownhousesBuilt in 2010, the Townhouses at Bryan Commons are the newest residence facilities at Bryan College. Reserved for juniors and seniors, the Townhouses are distinctive because there are six students to an apartment, a full kitchen an living area, cable TV in each apartment, and the residents are not required to be on the meal plan or observe a curfew.

These buildings include state-of-the-art features including hybrid-mini HVAC units and full kitchens. A separate wash-house unit with six washers and six dryers is provided for the townhouse complex.

Quick Facts

Buildings: 2 (One for men with 6 apartments and one for women with 5 apartments).

Residence rooms: 33 (three per apartment)

Students per room: Two students per room, six per apartment

Current Capacity: 66 (Eleven apartments between two buildings with six students to an apartment.)

Room Description: Varies.

Furniture/Amenities: Bed, desk, chair, closet, and dresser in each room; couches, arm chairs and a full kitchen.

Community Areas: Living rooms and kitchens for each apartment.

Showers per student: One shower for every two students

Tim Shetter, RD

Tim Shetter, RD

Born and raised in nearby Grandview, Tenn., Tim graduated from Bryan College with a B.S. in Music Management and is currently working on an M.A. in Higher Education from Geneva College (Pa.)

Tim served as a resident assistant during his undergraduate experience at Bryan, and because of his love for student development, began working in higher education student affairs shortly after graduating from Bryan. In addition to his current responsibilities, he has also served as resident director of Woodlee-Ewing Hall during his time at Bryan.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys disc golf, bowling and ultimate Frisbee, playing cards, spending time with friends and family, listening to Hootie and the Blowfish and eating his mom’s famous “no-bake” cookies.

Tim also serves as the Assistant Dean of Students at Bryan College.

Christine Kent, RA

Christine Kent, Resident Assistant, Townhouses

Hometown: Lookout Mountain, Georgia
Class (academic): Getting my masters in Christian Ministry
Major: I’m on the soccer team, but I like to think I’m multifaceted as I enjoy things such as writing and playing the ukulele
Hobbies/Sports: I’m on the soccer team, but I like to think I’m multifaceted as I enjoy things such as writing and playing the ukulele
Favorite food and/or beverage: Cookie dough
Favorite music genre: Is hipster a genre? Does Christian rap count as rap?
Favorite TV show, movie, or book: The Office
Favorite Bible verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Favorite quote: “To love another person is to see the face of God.” Les miserables
Why you want to be an RA: I have always had older women and peers who are able to encourage me, hold me accountable, and be there for me, and I want to be that woman for other girls at Bryan.

Matt Fraser, RA

Matt Fraser, Resident Assistant, Townhouses

Hometown: White Lake, Michigan
Class (academic): Junior
Major: Christian Ministries: Youth and Pastoral
Hobbies/Sports: Football, Frisbee, most other sports, hanging out with friends, having theological conversations.
Favorite food and/or beverage: Philly Cheese Steak
Favorite music genre: Gospel and indie rock
Favorite TV show, movie, or book: Chuck, Sportscenter and the Bible.
Favorite Bible verse: Matthew 14:29-31
Favorite quote: Those colors don’t rhyme- Cal Naughton Jr.
Why you want to be an RA: I chose to apply to be an RA because it is a leadership opportunity that will allow me to closely minister to other even when I don’t want to.