An annual series of regional and national competitions allow Enactus teams to present their project results before a panel of judges involving many of today’s top business leaders. The top teams from each bracket at the Regional Competition advance to the National Competition and compete against some of the nation’s most elite universities.

Benton Jones, faculty sponsor of the Bryan College Enactus team, explains, “The career fairs at the Regional and National Expo are outstanding and give Bryan students the chance to interact with major employers and often interview on-the-spot for internships and full-time positions. Bryan College has built a reputation of producing knowledgeable students with integrity and employers are seeking those qualities. The career fair is truly a highlight of Enactus events and our students are well prepared for this opportunity.”

Enactus has many corporate and organizational partners that support and sponsor the organization such as Wal-Mart, The Coca Cola Company, Lowe’s, Pepsico, Procter and Gamble, and Frito Lay, among others. During the regional and national competitions, Enactus students have the opportunity to network with professionals from many of these corporations and build contacts for future employment. In the last few years, Bryan College Enactus students have been employed by companies such as Clorox, SAP, Aramark, Sam’s Club, Northwestern Mutual and Hershey’s.

Some of the ways students can profit from Enactus are the following:

  • Reinforcing learned studies in a practical and realistic environment
  • Developing essential leadership skills
  • Providing valuable experience for future careers
  • Strengthening a resume
  • Fostering a community of dedicated individuals that works together to make a difference in the world

Enactus for College Credit

Bryan College now offers Enactus as a one credit hour co-curricular activity. The following classes are taught collectively and simultaneously by the Enactus faculty advisor once a week. (These classes are open to all students at Bryan College and will count as one credit hour towards a general elective*.)

  • BUS 161 Introductory Free Market Studies
  • BUS 461 Executive Free Market Leadership

During class time, the faculty advisor will provide instruction on leadership, project management, negotiation, team building, and conflict resolution skills as well as assist in organizing and planning Enactus service projects. Students are required to perform at least 30 hours on service projects outside the classroom.

Classes may be repeated for additional credit.

*Students who choose not to take Enactus for credit can still participate in Enactus as participants of an on-campus organization.

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