Office of Advancement & Athletics

David Holcomb

David Holcomb

Vice President of Advancement & Athletics

David Holcomb became Vice President of Advancement and Athletics in April 2020. David Holcomb has served at Bryan as the Director of the Scholarship Fund since 2012 and was the founder and director of the Martial Arts Academy at Bryan since 2016 and founder of the Evening with Bryan events held throughout the country. David Holcomb is a ‘94 graduate of Bryan College and spent the majority of his earlier career in executive leadership roles in nonprofit and for profit organizations in the St. Louis area. David is excited about this opportunity to build on the strength of leadership and the legacy of Bryan College. David’s energy, innovation, expertise, and experience has significantly enhanced the Advancement team mission.

Contact Information

Advancement Department

Location: Stophel
Phone: 423.775.7323
Mailing Address: 721 Bryan Drive, Dayton, TN  37321

  • Tracey L. Bridwell, Advancement Office Manager
  • B. Cooper Ferguson, M.B.A., Photographer & Videographer
  • Jenny Fine, B.S., Campus Visit Assistant [PT]
  • Paulakay Franks Hall, B.A., Alumni Director
  • Caleb Julin, B.A., Admissions Marketing Specialist
  • Daniel Koehn, B.A., Facility & Event Coordinator
  • Jennifer McKinney, B.A., Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Kerrie Murphy, B.A., Director of Event Services
  • Janice R. Pendergrass, B.A., Associate Vice President of Advancement & Event Services
  • Stephen Powell, B.S., Event Services Manager
  • Timothy Shetter, M.A., Alumni Engagement Officer
  • Concetta Swann, M.Ed., Advancement Writer/Editor/Assistant
  • Emily White, B.S., Marketing Content Coordinator
Contact Information

Athletic Department

Location: Summers Gymnasium
Phone: 423.775.7111
Mailing Address: 721 Bryan Drive, Dayton, TN  37321

  • Jenny Swafford, M.S., Director of Athletics
  • Eric Best, B.S., Head Shooting Team Coach
  • Josh Bradley, B.A., Head Men & Women’s Cross Country & Track and Field Coach
  • Jayson Davidson, M.Ed., Head, Women's Soccer Coach
  • Jeremy Davidson, B.S., Head, Men's Soccer Coach
  • Jessica Day, B.S., Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
  • Jordan Day, B.S., Assistant Baseball Coach| Fields Manager
  • Jake Goins, Head Men & Women’s Golf Coach
  • Mike Keen, Head Fishing Coach
  • Bryon Lawhon, Head Women's Basketball Coach
  • Clint McAuley, M.S., Head Baseball Coach 
  • Janice Perron, Head Cheerleading Coach
  • Donald K. Rekoske, M.A., Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Cody Rhinehart, M.B.A.,  Head Baseball JV Coach
  • Mark Ritchhart, B.S., Head Softball Coach
  • Sean Shelton, M.A.T., Director of Sports Medicine
  • Will Tholken, M.B.A., Associate Athletic Director