Bryan Center For International Development

Operational Relationships

Operational Relationships

Since 2003 the Bryan Center for International Development has had numerous operational relationships with major government entities, businesses and corporations, non profit organizations, Christian ministries and universities in the European nations of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. Other partnerships include Christian ministries and anti-human trafficking organizations in Hong Kong and Uganda.

Bryan's unique operational relationships have provided the means to develop many global programs for its students, faculty, staff and others in the areas of business, law, politics, Christian ministry outreach, communications, psychology and the social sciences.

Pictured: Bryan College students Katrina Chesney, Michelle Dixon, Jacob Dublin, and Caleb Perez participated in an internship program with Raiffeisen Bank International of Vienna, Austria in their Czech banking division in Prague.

2018 - 2019 Operational Relationships

In 2019 the Bryan Center for International Development continued its relationship with The 852 Freedom Campaign of Hong Kong with co-founder Silvia Yu agreeing to lecture at Bryan in March 2020 on the topic of North Korean slave laborers in Siberia and the Russian Far East, as well as the topic of North Korean women being trafficking to China and other countries. The relationship has previously included Bryan students working in Hong Kong on a human trafficking project related to domestic servitude, and lectures at Bryan College by Ms. Yu.

The Bryan CID continued a six year relationship with Pro Mente Burgenland, (state of the art psychiatric rehabilitation centers) which is located in three towns in Austria, outside of Vienna, by developing a professional internship program for the Director of their Burgenland centers to visit Chattanooga area and regional psychiatric centers in April 2019. The relationship continued to involve in the summer of 2019 Bryan College students serving as interns at Pro Mente, with students observing various forms of patient therapy including participating in group therapy exercises.

Palacky University of Olomouc,Czech Republic organized entrepreneurship and humanitarian programs for Bryan students for summer 2019.  Bryan College will host in November 2019 four Czech Education majors who will take five classes in a four week time frame at Bryan and visit local Dayton area schools to compare American and Czech classroom approaches to teaching children.

In 2019 Bryan students participated for the first time in an internship program with Raiffeisen Bank International of Prague. Bryan has had a multi-year relationship with Raiffeisen in Bratislava, Slovakia. Bryan also included in September 2018 three Raiffeisen Prague employees and two employees from Raiffeisen Bank International/ Tatra Banka in its Survey of the American Business Community Program in the Chattanooga area. The survey program will take place again in September 2019

Continued in 2018-2019 a global education lecture series cooperation with Chattanooga State Community College for a program to bring five high level international speakers to give presentations on both campuses. Lecture titles this year included The Disturbing and Very Rapid Rise of Fascism in Europe, The Critical Role that Effective Communications Plays in Business Success, An Example of Using Social Activism in Europe to Promote Better Community Life, Coping Skills that People Develop to Survive the Oppression of a Totalitarian Regime, The Continuing Greek Refugee Crisis; Communication Challenges Related to Language, Culture and Religion and Differences in Austrian and American Approaches to Psychotherapy.

Orange S.A., French Multinational Communications Company, Bratislava, Slovakia, Bryan College continued a second year relationship with one of Europe's largest telecommunications companies in their Slovak division, called Orange Slovensko in the capital city of Bratislava by hosting a Bryan College Business professor as a professional intern. The Head of Digital Marketing for Orange will give lectures in March 2019 at Bryan College to Business and Communications students.

Continued a relationship for internships for Bryan College Business majors with Raiffeisen Bank International of Vienna/Tatra Banka in Bratislava, Slovakia. The internship program allows each year for up to five Bryan College Business students to experience banking in an international setting and to look at all major phases of banking operations, and to look at how European banking operations compare in general to American banks.

The Tennessee Small Business Development Center will partner with Bryan College for a third consecutive year in Bryan's Survey of the American Business Community Internship Program. The September 2019 program will include for the first time a participant from the French telecommunications Company Orange S. A., and will include two bankers from Raiffeisen Bank International of Prague and two bankers from Raiffeisen Bank International/Tatra Banka of Bratislava, Slovakia.

The Bryan CID continued its lecture exchange partnership with Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic in the 2018 - 2019 academic year to develop seminar and lecture type programs that include Bryan College sending speakers to Palacky University and Palacky sending presenters to Bryan College. Lecture topics included for this school year were How Global Superpowers Use Political, Economic and Cultural Leverage to Achieve Their Goals and The Harsh Political, Economic and Social Realities of Communism in Czechoslovakia.

Developed a new relationship with CARITAS of Austria that included three Bryan College students who worked in separate internship programs at CARITAS centers for the severely physicality and mentally disabled. CARITAS is the world's largest social services agency. The Director of CARITAS will lecture at Bryan College in November 2019 on the topic of the challenges to communicate with and meet the psychological needs of the disabled and how important it is for businesses and volunteers to support centers for those with serious disabilities.

The Partnership for Families Children and Adults and Bryan College will partner for the 18th time on international initiatives with Bryan students volunteering to work as interns in the new United Way/The Partnership BSL Program in Chattanooga for the local Hispanic Community. BSL stands for Building Stable Lives. All three Bryan students who will participate, beginning in July and August 2019, have Central American backgrounds and/or have worked in mission projects in that part of the world.

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