The Veritas Program

Veritas: The Honors Program at Bryan College

The Overarching Goal of Veritas: The Honors Program at Bryan College is to aid students in the formation process of a sublime life in the spiritual, intellectual, and moral realms.

Supporting Goals

  • Judicial — Students will be equipped to express advanced thoughts in written and oral forms about subject matters in various disciplines, particularly in their major discipline area of study.
  • Respectful — Students will be prepared to utilize and maximize critical thought in making informed judgments about problems and issues in various disciplines, particularly their major discipline area of study.
  • Virtuous — Students will be positioned to apply their thoughts, values, and skills to various situations and scenarios related to their major discipline area of study, as well as other life situations.


Veritas: The Honors Program at Bryan College enhances and customizes the students’ educational experience.

Admittance to Veritas is by invitation only. Interested students can connect with the Director via email (see below). Entry is limited to incoming freshmen and sophomores who meet all the following requirements:

  • Have less than 45 hours of college credit.
  • Scored 25+ on the ACT or 1200+ on the SAT.*
  • Achieved a high school GPA of 3.5+.
    *Note that, if a student has no standardized test scores, a high school GPA of 4.0 is required to be invited to apply.

If students meet these criteria and are invited to apply for Veritas, they must submit an application to the Director and go through an interview process.

Students who enroll in Veritas must meet the following requirements:

  • Continuous enrollment in Veritas from the time of enrollment until the time of graduation.
  • Maintain a continuous cumulative GPA of 3.5+ as well as a B- or better in all Veritas-specific coursework.

During their first fall semester in the program, students will take a 3-hour course that immerses them in the outlook and ethos of the Veritas program. During every subsequent semester, students will participate in bi-weekly symposia worth 1 credit hour apiece. Symposia will allow students to read from a plethora of genres and evaluate given works from a variety of disciplinary vantage points. These meetings will be highly interactive, giving students ample opportunity to discuss, debate, and present arguments and ideas that arise from the selected readings. A major emphasis of symposia will be to understand how the assigned works point us toward truth, and how this truth, in turn, can and should lead us toward virtue. Like the rest of the program, symposia aim to promote academic excellence in the context of friendship and fun.

Benefits of Participation

  • A unique opportunity to build a network of friendships with students from other disciplines who are also pursuing academic excellence.

  • The chance to have one-on-one mentorship interactions with the Director and other members of the Bryan College faculty.

  • Access to diverse and challenging educational experiences that integrate skills and insights from both their own and other academic disciplines.

  • A special Veritas diploma upon graduation.

  • Official recognition of their completion of the Veritas program noted on their Bryan College transcript.

  •  The ability to boost their resumes by including their completion of Veritas.

Veritas Scholarship

AMOUNT: $550


Jackson Gravitt

From the Director:
I am excited for Veritas to launch in the Fall of 2024 and look forward to meeting our first freshman class! As I went through my time at Bryan, many of my best memories came from study groups that my friends and I formed. We bonded over reading the Gospel of Mark, examining films like Citizen Kane, and debating whether or not Aeneas should have left Dido in the Aeneid. Our studies gave us vocabulary, intellectual categories, and experiences that we shared – which often morphed into niche “inside jokes” that we continue to use to this day! Truly, the best learning experiences occur when we learn together, as friends.
My vision for Veritas is to provide high-achieving students from a variety of disciplines with an opportunity to develop as young scholars and leaders through an interactive and cohort-based educational environment. Together, we will pursue truth (Latin: veritas) in service of the gospel, learning with and from each other as we bring the unique insights of our disciplines to bear on the texts and ideas that we examine.
Jackson Gravitt, Instructor of Christian Studies and Director of Veritas: The Honors Program at Bryan College


The Veritas Program
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