The Decosimo Lecture Series highlights the increasing interconnectedness between business people worldwide, as well as the increased trade and commerce interdependence among nations. It  is sponsored by Decosimo, a Top 100 accounting and business advisory firm with offices located in the U.S. and the Cayman Islands. As an independent firm associated with Moore Stephens International Limited, Decosimo also offers the resources of 301 firms across 100 countries.  The series is held annually and is directed by Bryan College in partnership with the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The series features a guest lecturer who is accomplished in international business or economics.

Decosimo Lecture Series Goals

  • Increase student and public awareness of conditions, key issues and changes in the global economic environment
  • Highlight the major challenges presented by foreign competition for U.S. firms
  • Review business issues such as the growth in direct foreign investment in the U.S. and the expansion of American firms in foreign settings
  • Examine what is required for businesses to succeed in the global marketplace
  • Help the business community to better understand the dynamics and value of strategic international business alliances
  • Examine how international business trends and practices affect individuals at the grassroots level regarding careers, specific jobs and employment opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for international business people to meet and dialogue regarding their experiences


Dennis Miller, Executive Director of External Relations; 423.634.1114;

Decosimo Lecture History

The September 2004 inaugural lecture was presented by Mr. Stanislav
Peciar, former UN Labor delegate of the Slovak Republic, and titled
“Slovakia: The New Economic Tiger of Europe.” This presentation focused on
a former Marxist nation that in only 15 years rose from a completely
bankrupt economy to the 20th best country to invest in according to the
World Bank.

In September 2005 Mr. John Lenton, former Senior Vice President of
American Express Europe presented the lecture “Two Cheers for
Globalization: The Pervasive Influence of Globalization in Every Walk of
Life.” The Lenton lecture focused on the notion that a worker based almost
anywhere in the world can enjoy a relatively high standard of living
because of the astonishing strides made in communication and information

The April 2007 lecture entitled “Business Expertise for Sustainable
Development” was presented by Mr. L. Patrick Henry, manager of the Public
Sector Services Practice of Emerging Markets Group in Washington, DC. This
lecture addressed the role of international consulting businesses and their
impact on assisting developing economies to adopt democratic practices and
economic openness.

The March- April 2008 Decosimo Lecture Series featured Emily B.
Brinkmoeller, Managing Director of the World Trade Center Illinois. Ms.
Brinkmoeller spoke on “Leadership Today: Owning Your Future in the Global
Marketplace”. This talk highlighted the challenges emerging leaders face
from competition on a world wide scale and the specific attributes that
young business leaders must embrace in order to rise above these challenges.

This fifth annual Decosimo Series event was held in February 2009. Guest
lecturer Dr. Sebastian Vaduva, Dean of the Griffiths School of Management
at Emanuel University of Oradea in Oradea, Romania presented “The Economic
Integration of Romania into the European Union”. In his lecture, Dr.
Vaduva highlighted the many difficult fiscal and economic challenges
Romania encountered, after forty years of Marxist economics, in its efforts
to achieve EU membership.

In January 2010 Walt Jackson, a managing Director in the Merchant Banking
Division of Goldman Sachs & Company, spoke on “Financing on a Global Scale:
An Overview of the Investing and Lending in the Current Financing
Environment”. This talk included an overview of the recent financial market
turmoil and downturn, an unofficial analysis of the state markets and a
framework for how to recognize the pitfalls of bad investment decisions.

Ms. Anna Kao, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center
in Atlanta, was the featured speaker for the March 2011 Decosimo Lecture.
The title of her presentation was “Taiwan and the U.S.: Partners in Trade,
Friendship and Democracy.” Ms. Kao discussed the significant economic and
business links between the United States and Taiwan. In addition, her talk
emphasized Taiwan’s role in cooperating with the U.S and other nations to
help create an atmosphere that fosters peace and prosperity. She also
discussed Taiwan’s role as a world citizen in areas such as environmental
responsibility, cooperation on healthcare and disaster relief.

Dr. Mariano Croce, Professor in the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the
University of North Carolina was the eighth annual Decosimo lecture which
was presented at Bryan College and the University of Tennessee at
Chattanooga. Dr. Croce’s lecture was titled Euro Zone: in Search of Fiscal
Discipline and focused to a great extent on current and historical
economic trends in Italy, Spain and Greece. March 2012.

Dr. Iveta Radicova, the former Prime Minister of Slovakia, was the
Decosimo Lecture Series presenter in November 2013. Dr. Radicova’s
presentation focused on the structure/organization of European
institutions/mechanisms, her experience at the national level and with
European Union politics, economic development in Eastern and Central Europe
and economic differences between Europe and America. She also discussed her
views on solving the EU debt crisis and looked at options the Euro region
has to seek alternatives to restore confidence in its currency.