Undergraduate Studies

Bryan College Undergraduate Research Conference

The Mission

The mission of the Bryan College Undergraduate Research Conference is to provide an opportunity for students to showcase the research and scholarship they produce in their courses as well as in their academic projects outside of class.

Held annually, the conference allows students to present their scholarship to a wider audience in a forum that encourages critical thinking, research skills, and cross-disciplinary communication. The Bryan College Undergraduate Research Conference encourages holistic education of the entire person: heart, soul, and mind, so students can truly and competently make a difference in today’s world.

The Conference

The conference and its attendant faculty-led workshops on research development, abstract-writing, and presentation allows students to receive individualized feedback and support as they work through every step of the process. The conference is a valuable open arena in which students gain the experience of presenting to and discussing research-in-progress with their professors and peers, in a friendly and supportive, yet academically rigorous, environment. It offers undergraduates from different disciplines the opportunity to meet, cultivate connections, and exchange ideas.

The Benefits

For students pursuing an academic (or even a non-academic) career, the effective presentation of research is a key skill.  Publically sharing academic work improves presentation skills and gives students the chance to receive valuable feedback from professors, peers, and community members. It also provides students with the opportunity to raise their professional profile and add a significant accomplishment to their résumés. Along with benefiting the presenters, the conference also benefits the wider Bryan community by serving as a site for intellectual exchanges, cross-discipline collaboration, and academic inspiration.