Music (B.S.) — Education Option

Program Overview

The department of Worship & Performing Arts provides professional preparation for students seeking careers in music and/or theatre as well as related vocations and offers instruction for students seeking lifelong learning experiences in the arts. A major in Music Education with K-12 Licensure equips students to form their teaching philosophy through a combination of music and education classes.

Benefits of this Program

Students in the Music program are thoroughly trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of music — within the context of a biblical worldview — in order to use their talents for performing and teaching. This degree provides professional preparation for a career in music or a music-related vocation, as well as instruction for life-long learning experiences in music. A focus on music education prepares students for licensure by training them to implement effective, subject-specific instructional methods. Students will gain an understanding of child developmental stages and techniques that allow them to come alongside their students. Finally, this degree provides students with a thorough knowledge of music content and educational foundations and issues.

Reba Arnold Fitzgerald Education Scholarship

Possible Careers

  • Music Minister
  • Choreographer
  • Private Music or Instrument Teacher
  • Public or Private School Music Teacher
  • Music Librarian
  • Music Therapist
  • Music Historian
  • Conductor
  • University Adjunct Music Instructor
  • Music Director


Accreditation Information

Program Faculty