While participation in performance ensembles is required, this program places intensive focus on developing you as a solo artist.

All Music students are required to audition for entry into the program. During their time at Bryan, students will receive private lessons for their instrument. Students are also required to participate in a certain number of ensemble performances.

Benefits of this Path

Students in the Music program are thoroughly trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of music–within the context of a biblical worldview– in order to use their talents for performing and teaching. This degree provides professional preparation for a career in music or a music-related vocation, as well as instruction for life-long learning experiences in music. A degree in Music Performance teaches students how to best steward their gifts for the glory of God. 

Possible Careers

  • Music Director
  • Musician
  • Studio Manager
  • Specialist Tours Manager
  • Music Therapist
  • Disc Jockey

Program Faculty